Aly’s Grill from Brazil

Local fresh cuisine for everyone.

Whether you’re an “everything goes” diner, vegetarian, pescetarian, or anything in-between, we have plenty to offer you in dish variety.

With a focus on healthy eating, our produce is locally sourced and always fresh from the garden to your plate.

Our meats are top grade and grilled to meet all preferences, from rare to well done.

Fish and seafood dishes are prepared on demand, never frozen, and come to the buffet directly from the stovetop or grill.

We offer you a health conscious, home-away-from-home dining experience.

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Main Streets of Buellton
Aly’s Grill from Brazil
205 E Hwy 246, Buellton, CA 93427, USA
Phone: 805.697.7944
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  • Family Friendly
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • Patio Seating Available
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