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Welcome to the Something Good! CSA. We are a local, small business supporting John Givens Farm with weekly shares of freshly picked, 100% organic produce at amazing prices. We encourage you to connect with the food grown right in your community, and our farm has served the Santa Barbara area for 30 years. Nothing could be healthier or more delicious than local veggies and fruits grown only a few miles from your doorstep.

Our coastal community’s unique climate helps our farm maintain vibrant, sustainable lands which support animals and insects and provide open breathing space. Along with our wonderful climate, we are blessed with rich soil and gentle topography, all of which contribute to our excellent growing year. Your membership allows us to continue to grow local, organically certified produce in our community. We are working hard in all seasons to provide you with vegetables, and joining our CSA is the easiest, freshest, lowest cost, and most environmentally friendly way to acquire them.

Why choose a CSA? CSAs connect you to a local farm. You know exactly where your food was grown, and you are supporting local business. Your vegetables were not trucked across the country: they were grown right in Santa Barbara County on our acreage. No need to worry about when your produce was picked or how long it’s been sitting on a shelf. At Something Good Organics, our produce is fresh picked and delivered quickly. Because of the freshness and quality of our produce, you will find it just tastes better. Children can tell the difference too: you might catch an avowed vegetable-hater snacking on a snap pea one day.

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Something Good Organics
720 Ward Drive, Goleta, CA 93111, USA
Phone: (805) 451-8451
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  • Family Friendly
  • Locally Made Products
  • Outdoor Activity

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