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We are excited about your interest in Buellton!

Whether you are stopping on your way through to a different destination, or you are coming specifically to explore Santa Ynez Valley – we’ve got some great ideas for how to get the most from your visit. This Adventure Guide is designed to help you get an idea of the experiences awaiting you. For personalized trip planning assistance please visit our online trip planner, or stop in to our Visitors Center on Avenue Of Flags when you arrive.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

A Note About Wine, Beer & Spirits Tasting:

You don’t only drink wine; why would you pick a destination that only wants to serve it? Here in Buellton we recognize that each visitor has different tastes and preferences. Because of this, we celebrate being a different type of wine country, where groups can design their own unique tasting experience that includes award-winning wines, beer and spirits – all within the same area.

While we want your group to have fun tasting through our unique neighborhoods, we remind you to always explore responsibly:

  • Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  • Include various food stops on your tasting adventure, and enjoy a meal in one of our restaurants at the end of the day.
  • Utilize the dump bucket for beverages that don’t match your palate.

Finally, bring a designated driver along or use Uber, Lyft or a local transportation company if you plan to visit multiple tasting rooms in one day. We want you to have a great experience, but we also want to keep you and our local community members safe. There is never a good reason to drive impaired.

A Note About Sideways Etiquette:

You’re a fan of the movie Sideways? Us too! While you are adventuring around Santa Ynez Valley in Jack and Miles’ footprints, please keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Please don’t grab open bottles from behind the tasting counter and serve yourself. Unless you have purchased said bottle and are enjoying it on the winery grounds; then it’s all you.
  • We strongly discourage drinking from the dump bucket, no matter how desperate the situation seems. Seriously, that’s gross.
  • Maya, Stephanie and Cammi were fictional characters in a movie filmed at real locations. Our tasting room and restaurant staff are professionals in the service industry, and it is their job to be friendly and welcoming. Please don’t make it awkward with excessive flirting or unwelcome propositions. The staff aren’t fictional characters and you aren’t in a movie.

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