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Welcome to Buellton, CA – a small town with BIG adventure!

Welcome to Buellton, CA – a small town with BIG adventure! As the new year stretches out before us, it comes with a sigh of uncertainty. When can we get back to normal? Will we be able to take our well-deserved trips and vacations? While we traverse these uncharted waters, it’s likely that we’re planning

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Avenue of Flags 50th Anniversary

Avenue of Flags 50th Anniversary Event

Avenue of Flags 50th Anniversary Event On Saturday, September 22, 2018 neighbors and guests gathered at the intersection of Avenue of Flags and 2nd Street. We were there to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of California Governor Ronald Reagan dedicating the Avenue of Flags in 1968. The actual anniversary is today, Saturday 28. In honor of

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Industrial Way - Wine Tasting

Industrial Way

Industrial Way is a cul-de-sac located west of Avenue Of Flags. The last stoplight in Buellton before residential and agricultural properties leading in to the Santa Rita Hills region, this attraction-rich destination is home to some of the most popular food and beverage offerings in the city.

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